Digital job seeking in Finland

Helsingin kulttuuritalo, Sturenkatu 4, Helsinki

Digital job seeking in Finland – where to look for jobs and how to make a positive impression

Instructor: Inka Ukkola

Job seeking in Finland takes place mainly in internet. We shall talk about which recruiting sites are most commonly used and how to use social media in job seeking.

We shall talk about recruiting officers and their work. How does an HR look for potential candidates – what qualities do they seek and how do they interview. When the amount of incoming CVs is large, a preliminary filtering is often done by a robot. What qualities is the bot trying to find and how could we improve our own visibility in the digital labour market of today?

As we need to be out there in the internet for job hunting, we come across questions related to privacy and safety. We shall therefore also discus, how to be wise when being invisible is not an option.

The event is targeted at members of Työnhakuveturi 10 Akava trade unions.

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